Esterno Officine Car - Tecno Car

Officine Car Srl began in 1982 as a manufacturer of concrete-mixer trucks for the construction industry. It has grown consistently, widening and diversifying its product range, thanks to its constant dedication to work, its excellent customer care and entrepreneurial spirit of always focusing on the national and international market.

For over thirty years, the company has operated with a mix of passion and precision to produce average to heavy mechanical parts, conduct precision machining, hydraulic and electrical plant design and provide its customers with turn-key machinery or systems.

All processes, including painting and testing, are carried out at its own plants in compliance with Italian and foreign benchmark standards.

The company’s strong point has always been its investment in the professionalism of its own personnel and in advanced technologies.

All this contributes to the company know-how it has gained “in the field” thanks to the day-to-day challenges it has overcome. It has resolved problems of project design and construction to always guarantee a sound, impeccable result to satisfy its customers’ requests.