Tecno Car

To meet the needs of its clientele, the company founded Tecnocar Macchine e Inpianti Srl in 1997. It has equipped it with a fleet of avant-garde machines, able to carry out precision machining on behalf of third parties to provide a high precision finish (boring, milling and turning).

List of machines for precision machining:


Q.ty Descriptio Operative Field (mm)
1 CNC Milling Machine MECOV 10000x2500x1200
1 CNC Milling Machine MIVAL 6000x2800x1200
1 CNC Boring Machine HYDRA 3000x2000x1200
1 CNC Milling Machine DEBER 2000x1000x900
1 CNC Milling Machine STS 2000x1200x1000
1 CNC Boring Machine SAN ROCCO 2000X1800X800
1 CNC Work Station LAGUN 1000x600x600
1 CNC Lathe CMZ 1000x400
1 Manual Lathe Gornati 3000x500
1 Manual Lathe Colombo 1500x1400
3 Radial Drills 2000x500
1 Tornio verticale Doosan cnc 750x800
2 Slotting Machines 30x400